Elections thrown wide open as Caroline Lucas steps down from leadership role

With yesterday’s announcement that Green Party leader Caroline Lucas does not intend to stand again for leader what at first seemed set in stone has suddenly become extremely fluid. The party is due to elect its leader and deputy leader team (or co-leaders) in September, along with half of the national executive (or GPEx for those who like acronyms).

The outcome of those elections could have a profound impact on the direction of the party. Who it selects and what it wants to do with them is an important decision to take which means real discussion. This site will be making its own contribution to that debate on the future direction of the party.

Back to the leader’s announcement; Her exclusive article in Monday’s Independent was broken a little early by the paper itself as it released a picture of its front page that gave away the story on Sunday evening and, of course, twitter then went mental.

You may like to read the official Green Party announcement and also the piece on Comment is Free, (or the same story with different comments at Liberal Conspiracy).

Bright Green Scotland have two posts discussing the news (one and two) as do Musings of a Teen Green, Capitalism Creates Poverty and Brighton Politics Blog.

If you’re in a funny mood you might like to take the time to read this rather whimsical Telegraph blog or if feeling more serious then today’s Guardian has an  editorial, news story and G2. Not bad. The BBC also covers the story.




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