Don’t forget about GPEX…

There seems little doubt that the excitement of contested Leadership and Deputy Leadership elections will increase turnout for the Green Party Executive poll which takes place at the same time. The danger is, however, that people might not focus very clearly on voting for those posts, which are vitally important for the effective running of the Party.

For those who don’t know, GPEX effectively runs the Party between Conferences, with most major decisions being taken in meetings in which each GPEX member has a vote. The Leader and Deputy Leader only have one vote each, the same as every other member of GPEX. While the Green Party Regional Council also play a role (not, in practice, as large a role as is laid down for them in the Constitution), when electing GPEX members we are not only voting for their competence at their particular roles, but also their strategic vision for the Party.

In particular, this year will see elections to a number of vital GPEX posts:

– Chair

– External Communications Coordinator

– Elections Coordinator

– Management Coordinator

– Campaigns Coordinator

– International Coordinator

Clearly, the strategic vision of a new Leader is going to make a big difference in one direction or another for the Party. If an unsympathetic or less than competent GPEX is elected, however, life will immediately become much more difficult for the Party’s new leadership team. We haven’t had a brilliant record for contested internal elections on GPEX over the last few years, but I hope to be able to cover a number of genuine contests in the Executive over the next few months. The Party deserves it.

P.S. If you know of confirmed candidates for any of these posts, or are thinking of running yourself, let us know through the comments. GPEX has had to coopt several candidates over the past years due to *no one* standing…lets hope we can avoid that this time round.

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  1. There’s also policy up for grabs – although why anyone “wants” these posts that are a massive amount of work with no “glory is anyone’s guess :)

    Thing is these roles really are vitally important. Although I think it might be the right time to start thinking about restructuring the top of the party right now this is the way that muchh of the central work gets done. While the most important work is taking place on a ward level with grass roots campaigning, the national officers can both undermine or boost that work if they get things right or wrong.

    We never pay enogh attention to who is running for these roles nor in supporting them after they’re elected which means that sometimes we’re blessed with great gpex members and others people fall by the wayside and the party has wasted decent activists.

  2. Sam Coates

     /  21/05/2012

    My sources suggest that at least 4 of the 6 incumbents up for election are re standing. Could well be all of them.

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