Invitation to join the debate

When setting up this site we had a pretty simple intention. To increase the amount of debate around this year’s Green Party leadership elections.

With Caroline Lucas stepping down (and she’s now going to step down from Facebook too – the calamity!) the party will be making a very real and difficult decision about the direction it wants to go in the next three or four years.

It won’t just be about the candidates but the politics, ambition, energy, emphasis and style that any leadership team will bring to the party, inevitably shaping it both in the public eye and internally.

Given that none of the candidates will be as well known to the electorate as Caroline Lucas is it is quite important that members are given the chance to hear about those candidates, talk over their thoughts with other party members and then make an informed choice.

We’d like to invite Green Party members to submit their thoughts for posting here so we get as wide a range of voices as we can. There’s no intention for this site to endorse any particular candidate(s) but that doesn’t mean we don’t want people to sing the praises of their favoured woman or man – or for those who’ve put their hat in the ring to make their case (although I hope you understand we’ll try to give each candidate equal access to “airtime”).

We’re not interested in negative campaigning so submit that sort of thing elsewhere but please do email Jim with your thoughts – the more the merrier!


In case you missed them elsewhere:

Voice of a citizen blogs their thoughts on Caroline’s resignation.

New Statesman has an interview with Caroline, not particularly about stepping down.

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