Direct Action – Internal Election Style

This is a bit of a pre-emptive strike, given experience of previous internal elections…. :)

Everyone in the Green Party likes a good whinge. Go on, admit it, it’s in our natures. It will no doubt be easy to whinge about a number of different party bodies over the next few months. GPEX, GPRC, the regional parties, SOC, the ERO – whatever your gripe, there’s bound to be an acronym to aim at.

This is a brief post, urging everyone who is interested in the leadership elections and who cares about internal democracy in the Party to pause before opening fire. In addition, it’s a plea to take direct action to improve things, rather than just stomping our feet and berating the Party authorities for not organising enough hustings, or putting out enough publicity. There will doubtless be gaps and problems (though, hopefully, nothing on the scale of the rather confusing deadline extension during last year’s Annual Ballot) – but they are inevitable.

You see, the real secret of the Green Party is that the ‘party authorities’ are, in fact, us. With very few exceptions, we are all volunteers – so, without meaning to sound rude – instead of being grumpy, why not get cracking on making something happen instead? That is why Jim and I have set up this blog. Worrying about the lack of proper discussion during previous GPEX elections, we thought it’d be useful to have an unofficial forum for people to put out their thoughts, discuss strategy and – well – gossip. Jim’s also putting his money where his mouth is in helping to organise regional hustings and potential video interviews with candidates, about which I’m sure there will be more information soon.

So, if you have something to say, get in touch. This blog is for you as much as it is for us. If you want to hear from the candidates (once we have some declared, that is), then get involved in your regional hustings or even send a list of questions to be answered by them from your local party. Indeed, why not dedicate part of your July or August local party meeting to a discussion of the elections? An under resourced and volunteer led party, spread across two nations, is always going to find it hard to serve up information for its members on a platter – so don’t wait. Tuck in right now, and maybe cook a few dishes yourself while you’re at it. :)


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  1. I’ll do a proper post on hustings when we have more news but just to say the first one is booked:

    London, July Friday 13th 7pm Development House

    More to follow… let me know if you want to be part of the national tour as these things are always easier to do with a bit of national coordination and I’m up for putting in a bit of time to help make them happen.

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