Election Timetable

Continuing in our public service remit it seemed worth publicising the timescale of the election.


The paperwork

Nominations for Leader, deputy leader (or co-leaders) and national executive posts open on 1st June (10am) and closes on 12
noon Friday 29th June. The announcement of candidates in the race will probably be on the Monday following once signatories, etc. have been verified.

In order to run for the national executive you just need to fill in the application and have ten paid up members of the party sign your nomination form, leadership candidates need twenty signatories. To stand for these posts you need to have been a member for two years (or three in the case of the leadership) although regional council (GPRC) has the power to allow members who joined more than a year but less than two years ago to stand on request.


GPEx posts

The National Executive (GPEx) posts open this year are

  • Chair,
  • Campaigns Co-ordinator,
  • Elections Co-ordinator,
  • External Communications Co-ordinator,
  • Management Co-ordinator,
  • International Co-ordinator,
  • Local Party Support Co-ordinator, and
  • Policy Development Co-ordinator

That’s eight in total to choose from, the top six for two year terms, the bottom two for one year (they are technically ‘by-elections’).



The starting gun is sounded

The official campaigning period begins in July.

The election is by postal ballot, which are issued at the beginning of August and will arrive with your copy of Green World. Ballot papers must be returned by 31st August.

The results of  these elections will be announced before or at the start of September’s national conference in Bristol.


More info

Members can log-in to the internal elections section on the members website here where or long suffering ERO will post any updates or important information.

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