The first candidate declares!


Councillor Alex Phillips (Brighton, and number two on the SE Euro list) has officially declared her candidacy for Deputy Leader. More to follow – for now, here is her website:

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  1. Elisabeth Whitebread

     /  31/05/2012

    Not surprising! She’s won lots of respect since her stand over the Brighton budget, and has loads of experience. It’s a good website, too.

  2. Alex is brave and talented. She won our first ever council by-election (a great achievement) – our first seat in Hove (an important breakthrough) – took the seat off the Conservatives when they were in the ascendant and about to win power (the hardest win of all) – and she hasn’t stopped since then. And I can’t think of anyone better to communicate the Green Party’s radical social and economic vision in this post. Good luck Alex.

  3. Not a comment on Alex but I’m pretty sure she didn’t win our first ever by-election. What about Highgate, Camden in 2007 (?). There may have been others before that too.

  4. weggis

     /  31/05/2012

    All we need now is a Male Member to stand for Leader …

  5. Darren Johnson

     /  11/06/2012

    Jan Clark won a council by-election in Glanford, South Humberside in 1990

  6. Thanks Darren – I knew they’d be a much earlier example, I just didn’t know what it was.

  7. I stand corrected. I should have said our first by-election *in Brighton and Hove* – and won our first seat in Hove – and took a seat off the Tories when they were about to win the general election. Let’s not obscure Alex’s achievement, please.

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