A few ground rules

Before the campaigns hot up we should establish some ground rules for the blog, both the posts and the comments.

While there is some tradition of negative campaigning in the Green Party it is a) completely counter-productive costing far more votes than it ever wins and b) is completely distasteful and unethical. Which means before anyone decides to use these pages for such activities it might be worth pointing out that we’re having none of it.

We will both be attempting to give roughly equal space to all the candidates, and we’re happy for people to take issue, disagree or express reservations about candidates and their programs, or other views expressed on this blog. However, if we think it’s getting personal or the focus is overly negative then you are “out of bounds” and you will be expected to stay late after school to wax the House Cormorant.

Yes, that is a euphemism.

So we pledge to you that while we’re not intending every post to be strictly impartial, quite the reverse, we will strive for some sort of balance and avoid attacks on candidates. That’s why we’re happy to host your thoughts, should you care to submit them (email jimjepps at hotmail dot com) to help broaden the debate.

It also means we reserve the right to reject articles or delete comments if, in our view, we think we should. Thankfully we haven’t had to do that yet, but it seemed fair to give you warning.

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