BREAKING NEWS: Adrian Ramsay won’t be standing

Adrian Ramsay, current Deputy Leader of the Party, has decided not to stand as Leader. His reasons are laid out here:

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  1. A real shame. I’d have liked to have seen him in the race.

    Adrian’s obviously getting married and needs to concentrate on his non-political side for a bit but he’s made a real contribution to the party and I’m sure he’ll continue to make an outstanding contribution in other ways.

  2. gerald hartley

     /  23/06/2012

    It’s worth pointing out that when Alex says she is a life-long socialist, she hasn’t had a long life yet. Some of us who have and have been (and are probably has-beens), can recognise the blind alley a lot of socialists are up, while the planet goes to hell in a hand cart. I am often at anti-cuts meetings that they dominate. They still seem to be trying to mobilise for a general strike & have been for decades. I would like to see the railways & all the utilities back in public hands as well as the NHS, but it’s because that’s the only way you can be sure of being able to implement “save the planet” policies, Not their agenda.

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