Tim Dawes to run for GPEx chair

One of the key position on the national executive (aka GPEx) is chair, which coordinates the work of the executive, liaises with the leadership and is responsible for ensuring the executive gets on with its actual work load.

Courtesy of Comrade Rouxel we learn that former chair of the regional council (aka GPRC), Tim Dawes, is the first to announce his bid for the post. I suspect there will be two strong contenders for this role although it is not thought that the current incumbent, Jo Steranka, will be restanding.

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  1. His announcement can be found on the members website here: http://my.greenparty.org.uk/forum/3068

  2. james?

     /  20/06/2012

    I just like to ask two questions, when do nominations close and when is the green parties official announcement of candidates. i have also made a rather longish comment that i normally would think get your own blog i apoligise.
    second i want to make a comment on the gender balance rules they dont work but the leadership candidates calls to abolish them is the wrong solution. if the deputy leadership election was held seperatley and we didnt know who the candidates were untill after leader was done this would solve any problem. the only other way is permanant co-leaders but thats a bit like what the party rejected. the motion to have a leader was very badly drafted i feel that people who backed it are now finally noticing problems with it but coming up with the wrong solutions.the fact that hustings at conference is to late is the other one thats now been noticed by the motions decision to bring election dates forward, one woman and one man representing the party is right in society as it stands and should not be protected.

  3. james?

     /  20/06/2012

    last line of my post “one woman and one man representing the party is right in society as it stands and should now be protected

  4. Nominations close at the end of June. (for both gpex and leadership) and the announcement will be directly after (probably July 1st)

    I’ve a feeling people knew it was badly drafted at the time but it was a product of long negotiations and compromise. I was certainly very unhappy with the way it handled either leader/deputy or co-leaders which I think is very sloppy.

    gender balance is always a sledge hammer process ruling out candidates because of their gender although personally I think the fact that the Green Party is the only party in the country to forbid both leader and deputy being women does it no credit and the rule should have been at least one woman in order to focus on the problem being solved rather inventing some spurious principal – that’s my view anyway but I’m not even thinking about changing the rules until this is all over.

  5. Any reason why Tim still hasn’t been added to the list of candidates so far sidebar?

  6. Because he isn’t running for leader or deputy leader?

  7. Fair enough. I didn’t realise the sidebar was restricted to those two posts.

  8. james?

     /  20/06/2012

    thank you jim, the reason i brought it up is because all 3 leader and deputy leader candidates have mentioned this

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