Caroline Allen to run for deputy leader

Caroline Allen has announced that she is in the race for deputy leader of the the Green Party. You can see her campaign website here.

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  1. So we have two very strong female candidates for deputy, where’s the man/men to stand if Pippa or Natalie win the leadership?

  2. Hmmm, this could be a strange election. Come on guys- don’t hold back!

  3. Sue Luxton

     /  24/06/2012

    Great news!

  4. Elisabeth Whitebread

     /  24/06/2012

    Yes we really need to change this system don’t we? Absurd that we can’t allow two women to represent us at the top when we have such strong female candidates. I suppose there is no possibility of things changing before these elections? Is there any precedent for needing to change the Party constitution urgently? I’m pretty sure that when the 50/50 rule was made the purpose wasn’t to prevent two women winning…

  5. Matt Sellwood

     /  24/06/2012

    I don’t think there is any way we can change a fundamental constitutional provision like this outside of Conference….indeed, it’d probably be a bit worrying if we could!

    These objections to the gender balance provision were raised at the time they passed, but Conference disagreed. I don’t think anything except a Conference decision can (or should) ‘unagree’ them. Even if I do agree that they are stupid and extremely problematic!

  6. It’s too late to put in a motion for autumn conference, so we’ll have to remember to propose a constitutional change at spring conference. The most workable solution would be to remove the concept of gender-balancing from the constitution entirely.

  7. james?

     /  25/06/2012

    these rules were passed as vote of the entire membership in a postal ballot just five years ago. most of the people i spoke to who voted for them did not read them. the people who read them even some people who wanted a leader did not vote for them. lesson for the future please dont vote for something just because the party big wigs want it without reading it and considering it. and by the way i voted against and spoke against it but im against changing it now for the reason people have different opinions of the solution and problem we dont want more internal battles over this.

  8. Alan Howe

     /  05/07/2012

    Once the Leader is known, either the male Deputy Candidates or the female deputy candidates are eliminated.

    So why not give every member the opportunity to vote for BOTH a female and a male candidate as FIRST preference.

    Split the Deputy Leader ballot paper in two, one side for the male candidates and the other for the female candidates, with a first, second, etc vote in each section.

    i.e. If we have a male leader which female deputy do you want and if we have a female leader which male deputy do you want? With RON in each section of course.

    As far as I can tell this doesn’t break the rules AND gives the electorate a clear choice without any second guessing as to the leader result. Would also give the winning candidate a clear mandate, if not RON.


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