And they’re off – the full list of leader and deputy leader candidates

Deputy Leader

You can find the official announcement with timetable here.

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  1. Alan Howe

     /  29/06/2012

    For Will Duckworth or Richard Mallender to win the Depury Leader election they need a female to win the leader election. Will has already made his preferred choice known that being Romayne Phoenix. Which of the 3 female candidates for leader does Richard prefer?

  2. Romayne and Will are running as a joint ticket (which means they share election expenses and are effectively endorsing each other). they are the only candidates to do this (which is added spice) so I suspect none of the other candidates will endorse candidates in the alternate race – if only because they’ll want to work with who ever is elected.

    I might be wrong of course.

  3. Sue Luxton

     /  29/06/2012

    Does that mean you couldn’t vote for one and not the other, or are they listed separately on the ballot paper along with the others?

  4. Sue: you can vote for one not the other no worries, as normal. For the voter it simply means they’ve endorsed each other, they appear on the ballot just the same way as everyone else.

    For their campaign it means their spending limit is combined (which is £900-ish for each of other candidates candidate, but £900 for the pair as they’re running together). Bit of a weird system really and I can’t for the life of me remember how these spending limits were set as they don’t allow youu, for example, to post something to every member, even if youu wanted to spend that much – which many people would not want to.

  5. Jon Lucas

     /  01/07/2012

    Is it only the 4 leader candidates who are being invited to the hustings? What about the 4 candidates for deputy leader? Will there be any opportunities to quiz them apart from in the e-hustings?

  6. Most hustings will be leaders only.

    There may be some special deputy ones but to be honest if you have a line up of eight candidates in a hustings you actually don’t get to hear from any of them properly so on a cost basis and on the basis of having a decent hustings with time to actually quiz those standing for leader I *hope* most hustings will just be for leader.

  7. Jon Lucas

     /  02/07/2012

    The effectiveness of hustings is down to chairing and timekeeping. We are currently running the SW European candidates hustings and have 11 candidates at these hustings. At the first of these we allowed the candidates 2 minutes to promote themselves and then just 1 minute to answer each question, and got through a lot of questions and got a good feel for the strengths of each candidate. With website information and e-hustings also allowing the candidates to state their case, I think it should be feasible to get a good feel for both leader and deputy leader candidates at one hustings, and would personally want to have that opportunity.

    Can you clarify if it is up to the local party whether they invite deputy candidates or is that a decision being made nationally?

  8. Every hustings is the responsibility of the local party, the national party is not organising any hustings. If your local party wants to have both sets and is up for paying eight people’s train fares then it’s your decision.

    Incidentally I think it’s great combining the two hustings leadership and SW Euros together, really good use of time and resources.

  9. London Young Greens will be hosting a Deputy Leadership Hustings probably at the end of July, so if you are in London you will get a chance to hear from the other less publicised race!

  1. Guest post: Jim Jepps on Green Party leadership race : David Osler

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