GPEx candidates announced

The candidates for the national executive posts have now been announced.

The contested posts are;

Campaigns Co-ordinator

  • Jennifer Nadel
  • Howard Thorp

International Co-ordinator

The uncontested posts are;

Chair of the Party Executive (GPEx) Tim Dawes

Elections Co-ordinator Geoff Smith

External Communications Co-ordinator Penny Kemp & Joe Williams (job-share)

Management Co-ordinator Mark Cridge

Local Party Support Co-ordinator Matthew Townsend

Policy Development Co-ordinator Stuart Jeffery

Really disappointed to see that most posts for GPEx are uncontested, again. It’s not like the executive’s work is uncontroversial. If you spot campaign websites for any of the candidates feel free to leave a comment and we’ll update the page.

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  1. That policy coordinator candidate looks a bit dodgy…

  2. I imagine that a lot of potential GPEX candidates are in the same situation as myself – we don’t think we have the time and/or experience to do the job well. That’s probably the main stumbling block to getting contested elections. If I thought I had both, then I’d most likely have put myself forward for something. But right now, I’m pretty certain I’ve got neither.

  3. Oh, I agree Stuart :)

    Stephen: absolutely. It’s a big ask and an under appreciated job. One difficulty has been in keeping people who are doing the job in the role (for various reasons including unnecessary flak) and getting people who were on gpex before to do it again.

    I think if there were more support and clearer mandates (which applies to some jobs more than others) it might be easier to keep exec members and/or get capable people who’ve done it before to stand again…

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