Hustings: be there or miss the debate of the decade!

London, Friday, July 13: Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street London EC2A 4LT, 7pm

Reading, Saturday, July 14: Quakers Meeting House, Church Street, Reading RG1 2SB, 11.30am [APPARENTLY THIS HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED]

Bristol, Saturday, July 14: Bristol YHA, Narrow Quay, Avon BS1 4QA: 2.30 – 4.30pm.

Cardiff, Saturday, July 14: O’Neils (upstairs), Trinity St, opposite St John’s Church and next to the central market,  CF10 1BH, 6pm

Birmingham, Saturday, July 21: Moseley Exchange, 149-153 Alcester Road Moseley, B13 8JP, 3pm

Oxford, Thursday 26th July: Friends Meeting House,  43 St Giles, OX1 3LW, 6pm

Manchester, Friday 27th July: Central Manchester Quaker House, 6.30 pm

Norwich, Saturday July 28: Belvedere Centre, NR2 3AZ, 5pm

If you have any others to add to the list just let us know and we’ll advertise them.

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  1. That’s an impossibly tight schedule.

  2. Keep ’em working I say. It’s actually easier to do them in a row rather than spread out so you never get a decent amount of time off. The candidates are actually better off this way and it should mean they get to visit more places in July…

  3. mattsellwood

     /  10/07/2012

    I think Stuart might be referring to the 14th in particular – I think I agree. I had thought that the Cardiff hustings was at 7 pm for some reason…are candidates really going to be able to get from Bristol at 4.30, to the venue in Cardiff by 6pm? Seems a hostage to fortune to me!

  4. They are *very* close – half hour by train I’m told so hour and a half gap should be fine (driven back to station). Quite tight and I think I’d assumed it would be a bit later (Cardiff’s decision nothing to do with me) so they might eat somewhere first but it looks like a packet of hola hoops on the train it will have to be.

  5. mattsellwood

     /  10/07/2012

    Dinner of champions.

  6. So not one hustings in the North?

    And are any of them going to be filmed?

  7. mattsellwood

     /  10/07/2012

    There are only no hustings in the North because no local or regional parties have organised them, alas. :(

  8. Hi Stephen and Matt,
    here in the North East no branches have the funds to cover the cost of 4 rail tickets from London/Brighton/Wales, while the region needs to seriously prioritise its finances for 2014.

  9. Fair enough Matt and Jack. It was just a notable gap in the geography that there are no hustings further north than Birmingham and Norwich.

    Though your replies do shatter my conspiracy theory that the reason for the lack of northern hustings is that all the northerners are voting for Peter.

  10. Jack, I sympathise. Do remember though one candidate is coming from the North (and no leader candidate is in Brighton). If in North West not sure the cost of fares from Swansea (?) and London too bad – the regional parties can underwrite them and the national party has put some money towards subsidising train fares which actually reduces the cost a fair bit.

    I know some people are still talking about organising “north” hustings and maybe skype hustings but we’ll have to see if that happens. I tend to think of Birmingham as north, but I know that’s wrong of me, but it might be worth members coming down to that where they are close enough, if northern regions simply don’t have the money.

    I think long term the expense is well worth it as members in the north are just as much part of the party as anyone else and need to have a say in its direction, which includes making a fully informed decision on the direction of the party over the next two (plus) years.

  11. james?

     /  11/07/2012

    debate of the decade”.i know thats in fun but i cant imagine a debate between anyone at moment that would be classed as a” debate of the decade”. that makes me feel a bit low maybe we need a debate of the decade amongst a few prominent greens and ecoligists im thinking about this starting to feel inspired now. glad that so many candidates have come forward for the leadership we will get a good female and male team out of the candidates present and all the people plotting to do away with gender balancing will find that people wont want to talk about it.

  12. mattsellwood

     /  12/07/2012

    I am told that the Reading hustings has now been cancelled…..

  13. from the North ! I understand that two hustings are being organised : one in Preston and the other in Manchester or Warrington before the end of July.

  14. I’m now told that the Birmingham hustings will also include candidates for Deputy Leader.

  15. e hustings.

  16. mattsellwood

     /  16/07/2012

    The Manchester hustings has now been confirmed – 27th July.

  17. People in Colchester were talking about one there, possibly the day after Norwich… not confirmed yet obviously…

  18. Manchester hustings was well attended with over 60 participants coming from the many parts of the North West. Peter Cranie ( who may not necessarily be the favourite candidate in our Region ) dropped a bomb shell in the middle of the proceedings by announcing he would have to withdraw his candidature if he failed to negotiate a much higher salary, should he win the leadership role. Finding out that he could not afford to win this contest only days, possibly hours , before the ballot papers and election addresses are posted to our 13,000 paid up members was, well, …shocking.

    Shame Romayne Phoenix and team mate Will Duckworth did not make it and all those who support their campaign and policies in the Region felt somewhat let down.

    Putting my cross against Re-Open Nominations is becoming increasingly tempting.

  19. It was a bombshell Nicole and felt very much dropped on me. When I’d taken sounding about whether to stand as leader, I made it clear that I have a family to support. While I would accept a pay cut on what I currently earn to be party leader but I can’t take a 50% pay cut.

    I worked part time while on GPEx 2004 to 2007 when I had no dependents, so that I could do the Elections Co-ordinator job effectively. I’m no longer in that position and given what one of the other candidates has been told (and we’ve since communicated about this).

    What is at issue here is that two candidates have very different understandings, via the party, of what stipend or allowance will be forthcoming. It is also a debate for the wider party to have during this campaign and for Conference to have in Bristol. I can’t be anything other than honest about this. There is no negotiation and if what the other candidate has been told is now correct, which would be a change on what I’d been told, then the reality is I will have to offer myself as a part time leader or not at all.

    I’ll update this blog as I get information shared with me. What needs to happen is that all the candidates receive consistent information and the amount a party leader would be given as an allowance is made clear not just to us but to the wider membership.

  20. Apologies for some of the broken sentences. My two young sons were “helping” me to type!

  21. Whilst I totally agree with you Peter that something has got to be sorted as a matter of priority with regards to what the Leader and Deputy Leader should be paid to do the job ( which I emphatically agree they should be ) , members will wonder why on earth – and with a young family to support – you did not check this out well before you decided to throw your hat in the ring for the Leader’s post.

    And to announce you may have to withdraw your candidature at this very last minute in the election time-table when ballot papers and election addresses may have been compiled, checked, printed and possibly already dispatched at enornous cost to the party will inevitably raise more than a few eyebrows

    By the way, you will have checked with your College or University that they would let you go part-time or possibly half-time so that you could be our part-time leader, haven’t you ?

  22. Romayne and Will both very much wanted to attend the Manchester hustings, however the short notice of the hustings meant that they were unable to attend.

    Romayne would have had to leave at 8pm (15 minutes or so after the start) in order to get home that day. Will is unfortunately away on holiday at the moment and is as such unable to attend.

    They both sent statements to be read out and someone to read them (me), although Romayne’s statement was not permitted to be read out by the chair for some reason.

    Romayne and Will would be pleased to answer your questions via their website at

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