London Hustings

Recorded in five sizzling chapters the London hustings is now online for your perusal. There is one last set of questions that the ERO has asked me not to put up because the “tape” ran out before one candidate had the chance to answer and he felt it would be unfair on that candidate to put it up. Quite right, although it’s a shame to miss out Patrick Harvie’s question on Scottish independence. Never mind!

Opening statements;

First set of questions;

Second set of questions;

Third set of questions;

Final part (which, at the time of posting is still uploading, but if you watch all the others first it will have finished by the tie you get to it);

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  1. Rangjan

     /  28/07/2012

    OK, so comments are being censored here….

  2. mattsellwood

     /  28/07/2012

    Umm, are they? not sure what you mean?

  3. Only me and Matt have the power to delete commments and I know I haven’t and it looks like Matt hasn’t either. Try again – perhaps wordpress ate your comment?

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