Video: Manchester hustings for leader and deputy

Friday’s hustings in Manchester included both the leader and deputy candidates and we’re very grateful for the fact that they were recorded and put on line so quickly.

Deputy hustings part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.


Leader hustings;

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

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  1. Apparently you can’t hear the questions from the audience on this version, so here’s a link to the recording done with a proper camera. The questions are also written on screen. Also it’s split into less segments. (Thanks to Martin Dobson for filming and uploading these.)


    Deputy Leader:

  2. It’s worth noting that Romayne supplied a statement (and someone to read it out – me) as requested (she was unable to make the hustings due to a previous engagement) but the chair of the hustings never made it possible to read the statement out.

    Whilst I appreciate time is short at these things, to ask for something and then completely ignore smacks of poor organization and does so at the expense of a vaguely functioning democratic process.

  3. That’s shame – I wondered what had happened and I think it’s only fair to read a statement if a candidate can’t make it.

  4. So I’m told Will’s statement was read out but not Romayne’s. I wonder if they got it?

  5. I had turned up at the hustings specifically to read the statements, I was there ready and waiting to read it out – it wasn’t a case of getting or not getting a statement via e-mail, I went along specifically to read it out.

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