Voting is go!

Ballot papers began arriving on doormats today. You’ll find them in your copy of Green World, please don’t throw it out thinking it’s an insert appeal for donkey sanctuaries.

The post being the post don’t complain about not getting yours unless it hasn’t arrived in a week, but it’s clear many people got them this morning.

You can v0te for Leader, Deputy Leader, a host of uncontested executive posts (sigh) and one or two that are contested. So get voting people!

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  1. Alan Howe

     /  02/08/2012

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe ….

  2. charles gate

     /  02/08/2012

    What’s wrong with donkey sanctuaries Jim? You just may have lost Natalie the animal rights vote.

  3. David M Davison

     /  02/08/2012

    “Ballot papers began arriving on doormats today. You’ll find them in your copy of Green World, please don’t throw it out thinking it’s an insert appeal for donkey sanctuaries.”

    Perhaps that statement is intended to be funny but I fail to see the humour. In my view, supporting a donkey sanctuaries is more important than voting in an internal ballot.

  4. John Davis

     /  02/08/2012

    “…please don’t throw it out thinking it’s an insert appeal for donkey sanctuaries.” belies an attitude unbecoming to anyone seeking to represent Green Party members, and also IMO a lack of understanding and intelligence that would otherwise have rewritten this as (perhaps) “Please find your ballot paper in amoungst the worthy causes that help us produce our magazine and in doing so support the Green Party”.
    I suggest an apology would be appropriate and that the statement is removed.

  5. I agree with the concerns of the above posters. Whilst I oppose the paper wastage implicit to unrequested pamphlets, this singling out of donkey sanctuaries as disposable and unimportant belies a speciesist attitude most unbecoming of supposedy progressive, green ideals.

  6. Roy Sandison

     /  02/08/2012

    Jim, Are doing anything on this useful site about the issue of letters being sent to people’s homes from some candidates that appear official? Or the mess up over paid or not paid party leaders?

  7. Derek Wall

     /  02/08/2012

    My profile picture includes a donkey hostel, in the background, which I visited with Emily Blyth and indeed it was run by a Green Party member

  8. I fed some donkeys last week. They ate the carrots and the apples but left the lemons, onions and garlic. Then the farmer came and I ran away. This was in Corsica. Not very interesting, I know, but everyone was talking about donkeys so I thought I’d join in.

  9. james?

     /  04/08/2012

    i dont think an apology is needed on peoples intelligence there is only so much you can take in i have known plenty of clever people who lose important things. though i guess readers of this blog will be most likely to know whats going on there may even be a few members who have only a dim awareness of these elections so get out there and remind them rather than taking the huff. my appeal is for people to use all there preferences especially on the deputy leadership and to activiely consider voting for ron. ive been at conferences where they dont read out the ron votes anymore even though i know i have voted ron. of course i agree the bias is naturally with people who put themselves forward.

  10. Elwyn Sharps

     /  04/08/2012

    I think it’s clear that this is intended as a joke, and should be taken as such. but it does show insensitivity on many levels. Perhaps the author could explain to us if he is fully aware of the good work these sanctuaries do, and the level at which he supports their work. Can I also propose he is seconded to work as a volunteer at such a sanctuary?

  11. Donkey lover

     /  04/08/2012

    How dare Jim Jepps show such contempt for donkey sanctuaries. The mask has lifted. Jim Jepps has made the biggest mistake of his life. Underneath his friendly face is a sneering speciesist that has nothing but contempt for donkeys and those who love them. Jim Jepps might say that he would never eat donkey sausage. But can we believe him now, when he has mocked everything that a good Green stands for?

    Many Greens are in supportive, loving relationships with donkeys. I’d love to know what Jim Jepps thinks of that – but I’d bet the entire balance in my LETS account that his views are identical to those of the POPE.

    As I say, many Greens are in supportive loving relationships with donkeys. But sometimes relationships end in abuse. And where are those donkeys supposed to go if Jim Jepps has cut off the funding for all the donkey sanctuaries.

    In protest at Jim Jepps, I am not going to vote RON for Green Party leader and write in DONKEY for Green Party Leader. I would gladly follow a donkey as Green Party leader.

  12. charles gate

     /  04/08/2012

    When one considers that Caroline Lucas has been a very strong supporter of animal issues during her leadership and many of us have tried to engage with animal rights activists and supporters to show them that the GP is the best place for their support, it doesn’t do the GP any good if one of our members (in a flip sort of way – I’m being generous here) who is very close to a leadership contender comes out with bad throw away lines. Jim’s gaffe can be so easily turned against us in the future, unless we get an apology now for a silly and stupid comment.

  13. alwynne cartmell

     /  04/08/2012

    sounds like tory language to me …

  14. I’m not sure how people can say Jim is anti-donkey when he has in past campaigned vociferously for ‘a laptop for every donkey’.

  15. dan

     /  06/08/2012

    It’s quite hard to separate the satire from the outrage here. I see the basis of a Radio 4 comedy

  16. I find it a shame that the issue is not taken seriously by some. Donkey lover’s comment, for example, is gibberish.

  17. Alan Howe

     /  06/08/2012

    The issue here and the primary purpose of the post is the elections which some of us are taking very seriously indeed (see first comment). If others wish to be distracted that’s their problem.

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