Greens and Class and leadership

Following on from our very popular post on class last month it’s good to see York Green Party quizzing the candidates on their attitudes towards the party’s “class problem”. A really interesting read, although I don’t think there are any clear winners and losers here.

Thanks to Josiah Mortimer for organising this and to Spin Pitman for an interesting introduction.


“Fun Facts” Pop Quiz

Before clicking on the link here’s a bit of fun. Can you guess which one of the eight candidates is the only one…

  1. to have attended an Oxbridge University?
  2. to come out in favour of quotas for representation of working class people?
  3. to come out against comprehensive education?
  4. who lives next door to Syrian refugees?
  5. who thinks others might define them as in the underclass?
  6. whose Dad worked in a tractor factory?
  7. who said they attended a grammar school?
  8. who can’t eat raspberry jelly?

I’ll be impressed with anyone who gets all eight without cheating.


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