LBC leadership hustings

On Monday evening LBC hosted a special one hour hustings for the Green Party leadership candidates. You can still listen to it here.

We should make sure we have more of this in two years time because it was a really useful format in my view and the Green Party doesn’t often get an hour to itself on a high profile radio station.

One of the differences between this format and the internal hustings (apart from being more directly public and therefore forcing people to behave themselves!) was that the questions tended to focus on getting the candidates to justify the party’s position on various questions rather than drawing out the difference between candidates or talking about internal matters.

This meant that we got to see how the candidates would perform on the show if elected.

Now some questions were more useful than others but I certainly think having a non-Green (Iain Dale) host a hustings was incredibly helpful because it cut against the tendency in internal discussions to focus inwards or fall into easy jargon. At least it did that on the whole.

Obviously I don’t think this is the only style of hustings and communication we should have, but as part of the mix I’m definitely for much, much more.


NB: Look out for Thursday’s Guardian which will have a profile of the leadership candidates and an article on the race (I’m told).

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  1. I agree it was useful – the only problem is that a lot of the high profile stuff (LBC, Guardian etc) seems to be happening once most people will already have cast their votes. The national party needs to try much harder to get this stuff happening in late July, next time, I think….

  2. james?

     /  15/08/2012

    while it is interesting to see how the candidates perform in the media, i think we have to look at that the guardian, bbc eg are basically oposed to the sort of world the green party claims to be striving for. in the long run it is up to activists to find ways of communicating with voters directly. meaning it may actually be of limited value who a national leader is if its is seen as media role. i hope candidates see there role as bigger than that.

  3. The national party had nothing to do with either the Guardian article, LBC or the up coming Morning Star profiles. The Comms people have basically responded to press enquiries but have done no proactive work (possibly worried that it might be interfering in the election?).

    Guardian and Star are because they decided they wanted to cover it independently of the party and LBC was because Natalie managed to wangle it (although I don’t think she thought she’d manage to arrange a whole hour!).

    The press office *have* provided briefings on hot topics to candidates for LBC which the candidates may or may not have read and *have* responded to difficult press enquiries on subjects they don’t necessarily know very much about…

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