A few media hits for the leadership candidates

You may not have seen today’s New Statesman piece with profiles on all the leadership candidates – and a bonus picture of Derek Wall! What more could you ask for? Nothing.

Also there was a profile piece in The Independent which I’m hesitating to link to because I don’t think it’s a great ad for the Green Party – but you have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose.

On a happier note there’s also an interesting set of two interviews at Better Nation on where will our next million votes come from and how many seats should the party target in 2015.


Also a quick reminder – time is running out to vote so if you haven’t yet now might be the time to fill in that form and post it off.

The ballot paper was in your copy of Green World tucked in among all those lovely advertising inserts that, frankly, are the highlight of the magazine. Rescue it from the recycle bin now!

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  1. So I guess you’re a fan of donkey sanctuary adverts now? ;)

  2. I never said I wasn’t.

  3. Adbuster

     /  21/08/2012

    Come on Jim. We are trying to build a new value system that doesn’t depend on advertising and it is grossly offensive to describe the green world advertising as the best part of the magazine. We always suspected that natalie was pro-advertising and now you have confirmed it.
    I wish I had voted against Natalie now. But sadly I’ve lost my ballot paper. I think it was probably inside a donkey sanctuary advert that I soaked in gasoline and burned in a fit of rage when it fell out of Green World

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