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With Caroline Lucas stepping down from her role as leader of the Green Party it has opened the way for new voices and a new direction in the Party, building on her incredible work and supporting her ongoing fabulousness in Parliament.

Not only will there be a leader and deputy leadership election (or co-leaders) this is also taking place at the same time as half the national executive posts are up for (re)election. These roles are just as important as the leadership posts for the party and so we hope to shine a light on these elections too lest they go unnoticed in the shadow of the sexier leadership debate.

To help ensure party members have the opportunity to discuss the options before us in as an informed way as possible we have set up this site to debate the issues, discuss the candidates, talk about the roles and what they are for and help highlight some of the facts, or dispel some of the myths that arise so that when it comes to members casting their votes they do so armed with all the information they need.

Set up by Green Party members Jim Jepps (Camden) and Matthew Sellwood (Oxford) this is a reasonably open platform where anyone can comment and which will host guest posts, hustings, interviews and all sorts from other members of the party.

For clarity, Jim is Natalie Bennett‘s campaign manager and Matt is Peter Cranie‘s campaign manager. We welcome contributions on the other candidates and are looking for a good, clean contest.




This is an unofficial blog and the views expressed here are those of the participants only and should not be seen as official statements by the Green Party, which they aren’t.

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