Deputy Leader: Richard Mallender

We contacted all four of the deputy leader candidates with the same set of questions. Here Richard Mallender gives us his thoughts;

  • Which three policies do you think the party should prioritise over the next two years?

Environmental. Climate change is being sidelined as an issue. It needs to be at the heart of government policies, not a bolt-on just for the good times.

Economic. Austerity for all but billions for the bankers is neither sensible nor fair for society at large. We need to show the costed alternative.

Social. Health and social care costs are spiralling as the government seeks to privatise our healthcare and slash social spending. The damage is profound and long lasting and we should point out the dangers and the alternatives.

  • How do we retain new members?

By having active local parties that engage them in events social and political, and a national party that communicates effectively and gives them a sense of belonging to a party that achieves things.

  • How should we, as a party, support local parties who are struggling or going through a difficult time?

Depends what the problem is! Visit them, talk to them about target to win, explain how to put together an electoral strategy, how to attract and hold new members, pitfalls to avoid and so on. Making sure there’s a social element to Green Party membership, not just Round of meetings!

This I feel should be a role in which the deputy leader, working with the Local Party Support coordinator, needs to invest time and effort.

  • What’s the most controversial opinion you hold?

Soap operas should be replaced with half hour exercise shows, with compulsory audience participation :)

  • Website

Richard for deputy.

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