Deputy Leader: Will Duckworth

We sent the same questions to all four of the deputy leader candidates to help members decide how to cast their vote. Here Will Duckworth gives us his responses;

  • Which three policies do you think the party should prioritise over the next two years?

Create more jobs. Especially in building and improving homes.

Fighting against Nuclear weapons.

Citizens’ income.

  •  How do we retain new members?

Pounce on them!

Ask them to do something, reply to them on facebook, contact them and thank them for joining, invite them to meet the Councillors in the local area or region, ask them to deliver newsletters or proof read them, ask them what skills they have to offer, ask them to post something on facebook. And do it quickly! The new membership system does help with this.

  • How should we, as a party, support local parties who are struggling or going through a difficult time?

I think that this is the job of the regional party. In the West Mids (I’m on the exec) we do this all the time.

We have a paid worker who visits all local parties and we provide help for treasurers and send experienced people to talk to local members. Sometimes the problem is lack of initiative and sometimes it is personalities. Showing what can be done (Dudley GP now has a Councillor and has only existed for 3 years) and how to do it can help the first problem and we have suggested breaking parties into smaller areas to get round the latter problem which can be very effective.

  • What’s the most controversial opinion you hold?

1) That we can’t save the planet under a Capitalist system. If life is about greed we can’t expect people not to be greedy. I don’t blame the bankers for being greedy cheats. That is what society asks them to do.

2) We change the name of the party to “The Green and Social Justice Party”.

3) That we have dog licences (which include a record of the DNA of the dog so that faeces can be traced to the dog and the owner fined).

I hope you can disagree with at least one of those.

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  1. charles gate

     /  16/07/2012

    Don’t exactly see what is controversial about No1 apart from ‘society asks them to do’. I don’t think society or should I say the mass of people expect bankers to lie, cheat and steal. I think most expect them to be sent to prison. This society is the bankers and corporates society, it’s not the society of the masses, we are but pawns in their game of greed and destruction.

  2. Charles, it’s not a particularly controversial belief within Green circles, but it is within wider society. The vast majority of Brits (and, indeed, Westerners) live with the assumption that the Capitalist system is inevitable.Which means that the idea we could ditch it (which is what Will is clearly implying we should do) simply doesn’t occur.

  3. Carrie

     /  05/03/2013

    Do you think you could explain what you mean more clearly, Will? Do you mean that you disagree with ALL of those “controversial opinions” or not? It’s not completely clear, to me, at least.

    Difficult question on what should be prioritised. I think fighting nuclear weapons is the most important out of those, but is it doable? Jobs is of course important but isn’t particularly distinctive as all the parties are talking about jobs. Citizen’s income is more distinctive so maybe that. I don’t think any of them should drop of the agenda, but most importantly nor should campaigning for measures to prevent climate change which you haven’t mentioned. That has to remain the priority.

  4. Carrie

     /  05/03/2013

    Sorry “drop OFF the agenda” I meant – typo.

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