GPEx Campaigns: Howard Thorp

We contacted both candidates for the executive campaigns role. Here Howard Thorp answers or questions;

  • Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been a GPEW member for 10 years, mostly involved in local and regional activity until recently. At the last GE I was the Party candidate for Weaver Vale. My day job is environmental – I am a technical advisor regulating waste electrical and electronic equipment. I’m the chair of a community coop called Cheshire Landshare.

  • What do you think the priority of the campaigns co-ordinator should be?

Giving a big boost to GPEW campaigns! One ‘simple’ step would be to bring together all the excellent campaigns materials we have and get them onto the website for all local parties to adapt and use. I’d also like to see us campaign more effectively on the web.

  • What campaigning experience would you be bringing to this role?

I have been the NW campaigns officer for 2 years. I have also been active in CHAIN campaigning against incinerators locally in Cheshire for 5 years and in Cheshire West Against the Cuts (CWAC) for 2 years. On November 30 last year I helped to organise the biggest rally and demo Chester had seen for many years.

  • Traditionally a large part of the campaigns co-ordinator role has been sorting out placards for demonstrations in London. How important do you think this aspect of the job should be and what other practical work do you think should be essential to our campaigning?

As someone who lives in the North I’d like to see much more support for the regions and local parties nationwide. I don’t believe its the CCs job to hand out placards – its to make sure the whole Party has access to good quality campaign materials which promote the Party and our policies.

  • What do you think would be the most difficult part of this role?

Bringing campaigning party activists together into an effective team. I’d like to take some meetings outside of London and explore alternatives such as using telecons (e.g. Skype) to save people travelling long distances and cut down on costs. Other organisations do it – so should we.

  • Website

Why I am standing for campaigns.

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  1. charles gate

     /  18/07/2012

    Hi Howard

    As 20th October approaches – the TUC march against austerity, ‘A future that works’, do you think it would be a good idea if the Green Party leaflets every coach and train heading to London with leaflets featuring our new Leader and her and our campaign against austerity?
    Will you be asking the national office to send out to all local parties, via email/web, art work for leaflets?
    This will mean very little expense for the national party as local parties can print off small batches of a national leaflet (give us more than one choice of topic; NHS, education, local authority cuts etc) on one side of an A4 leaflet leaving the other side blank for local use.
    If a local party only has one coach to leaflet this means just 50 leaflets to produce. Big cities will obviously send more coaches but their resources should be bigger. At the London end a different leaflet can be produced to give out to the marchers.

    this seems to be ABC stuff to me. What do you think Howard?


  2. james?

     /  21/07/2012

    i have some concerns about the party using more online tools to make decisions especially as this does open us up to state and other surveilance. skype would be pretty bad as we dont conrol it at all and some reports say that they handed wikileaks related info over to the usa. this is nt a dig at howard as a candidate im just taking the opurtunity to wonder if people see some the downsides of internet tools

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