GPEx International: Sebastian Power

We posed questions to all three candidates for the role of international coordinator. Here Sebastian Power replies to our questions:

  • Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m currently finishing my MSc in planning and environmental policy after previously studying architecture for four years. My professional experience includes working in various architecture practices on a variety of projects from modern interventions in historic churches to large education projects.

  • What do you think the priority of the international co-ordinator should be?

My priority would be to establish closer links with strong left Green parties in Europe in order to overhaul the current largely environmental focus of the European Green Party to get our message of investment in Green jobs across to European citizens. Everyone knows we’re strong on the environment, but if Greens are to succeed internationally, people must know we care about public services and we know what to do with the economy.

  • What experience specific to this role would you be bringing to the job?

I have been working with Greens on an international level for four years now and have built up extensive links with several parties and organisations across Europe. This is vital if the European Greens are to push for a positive Green jobs message. A more extensive list of my experience working with the European Green Party amongst other organisations can be seen on my blog (see below).

  • How do you think the international co-ordinator and committee can contribute to winning votes and making our elected representatives more effective?

As an Executive member of the Green Party, I’d push for messaging and media strategies which go beyond appealing to our core voters to capture the votes of those disillusioned with the constant sameness of the big three parties (although the yellow one is somewhat smaller now). This is especially important considering the ongoing economic crisis and mass joblessness. We must be the party of jobs, public services (NHS especially), social housing and, broadly speaking, economic democracy. No other publicly visible party is willing to stand for this, so its a great opportunity for the Greens and for the left. Lets take it.

  • What do you think would be the most difficult part of this role?

Working on a European and global level is always difficult as there are few opportunities to meet with colleagues face to face. The International Coordinator must therefore be well prepared for events such as European Green Party Council meetings. A lot of preparation in cooperation with other parties must be done before these meetings if we are to succeed with focussed economic policies and messaging.

  • Contact details:

Facebook: sebastian power for green party international coordinator

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