Derek Wall elected as International Coordinator

As you might expect all the uncontested posts went to the only candidate. The post of International Coordinator was the only one actually contested (due to one candidate).
The candidates were the hard working incumbent (John Street), a fiery and enthusiastic young pretender (Sebastian Power) and a high profile and veteran lefty (Derek Wall). Congratulations to Derek Wall for winning this hotly contested election.
The result of the International Co-ordinator election is as follows:
2945 ballot papers returned, of which 388 were spoilt (mostly blank), giving a total valid vote of 2557 and a quota of 1278.6
First preferences were:
1182 – Wall
872 – Power
477 – Street
26 – RON
No one achieves quota and so Street is eliminated and his votes are redistributed to give the following figures:
1375 – Wall
1068 – Power
70 – RON
44 – non transferable
Derek Wall is therefore elected as International Co-ordinator

Our first interviews: international coordinator

There are three people running for international coordinator. They are (in alphabetical order) Sebastian Power, John Street, and Derek Wall.

All three agreed to answer a few questions that we put to them in order to help members decide how to cast their vote for one of only two contested executive posts.

In the interests of fairness we asked them same questions and have given each candidate an individual page meaning you can decide who to read first so we don’t have to. How fair is that?

At the risk of speaking out of turn I think we have three really interesting and capable candidates who would bring very different skills and priorities to the role.

You can read their interviews here: Sebastian Power, John Street, and Derek Wall.

Tomorrow we have the deputy leader candidates (looking forward to the last of the four to return their replies!) and after that we hope to have campaigns coordinators and video from the packed London leadership hustings.

Sebastian Power running for international coordinator

Sebastian Power is one of (perhaps) three candidates for international coordinator. You can find his website here.